Wind Turbine Foundation Anchors

Williams Form Engineering pioneered the heavy-duty thread forms present on the Grade 75 and 150 KSI anchor bolts three decades ago for use in the civil construction industry. The anchor bolts gained popularity due to the rugged nature of the thread form and concentric thread design. The wide thread pitch allows for fast hex nut engagement while still allowing precise adjustments when necessary. These factors contributed to designer acceptance of the Williams Grade 75 and 150 KSI threaded bars in the late 1990s as renewable energy started to gain wide range acceptance. Today each wind tower supported by a Williams foundation anchor bolt can be relied upon to perform flawlessly throughout the life of the turbine.

Advantages of Using Williams Anchor Bolts

  •  Extensive quality control and manufacturing program produces the highest quality bolts in the market
  • Eight manufacturing plants throughout North America allow for the most efficient distribution network and timely deliveries
  • Anchor bolts have been cold temperature tested to assure full load retention and reliability in harsh environments
  • Laboratory test results for all Williams anchor bolts show less than 2% load relaxation loss under tension
  • Advanced engineered components maintain strict tolerances to ensure the highest product standards
  • Leading anchor bolt manufacturer in the industry with over 20 years experience
  • Technically advanced sales staff and best customer service in the industry
  • Custom anchor diameters and grades available upon customer request
  • Shipments are custom packaged per customer’s requirements
  • Anchor bolt bundles include bar code tags for positive US steel mill traceability
  • Anchor bolts can be chamfered to assist tower installation
  • Anchor bolts can be color coded or include Q/C tag on bolt end for jobsite identification after installation
  • Special A193 B7 150 KSI High Impact Steel available upon request


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