S-7 Reusable Concrete Anchor Installation

Step 1

Drill hole diameter to equal nominal bolt diameter. Holes in concrete should be two times the bolt diameter deeper than the embedment length.

Step 2

Install setting tool on S-7 anchor and tap with ham-mer into hole. If the anchor goes into the hole extremely loose, remove the anchor from the hole. Pre-expand the anchor head one half revolution or until it fits snugly into the drill hole.

Step 3

Torque the anchor bolt clockwise to indicated ft-lbs for expanding the anchor head.

Step 4

Remove setting tool. If the setting tool does not immediately remove, use a wrench to back off hex bolt in the setting tool. Install plate, washer, and nut.

Step 5

Torque nut to indicated ft-lbs for pretension. The stud portion of the S-7 may be removed and reattached when required.

S9Z S-7 Setting Tool

Included with each full box of anchors up to 1”in diameter. For anchors above 1” in diameter, use S6Z Spin-Lock Setting Tool.

1/2” S9Z-004
3/4” S9Z-006
1” S9Z-008
1-1/4” S6Z-OH-010
1-3/4” S6Z-OH-014
2” S6Z-OH-016

Demonstration of S-7 Removable Use

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